Hollywood Central Park




A coalition of citizens, local businesspeople, and city, county, state and federal officials is working toward the creation of a new Hollywood landmark: a 44-acre street-level urban park atop the Hollywood Freeway (US-101).  Reviving a three-decade-old idea of local landscape architect Edward V. Hunt, the proposal for the Hollywood Central Park calls for building an amphitheater, walking trails, a dog park, playing fields, and a children’s playground on a deck above the freeway running through one of Los Angeles’s most park-poor neighborhoods.



Created in 2009 to raise funds for the new park, the Friends of the Hollywood Central Park are focused on “strengthening our community, on improving the quality of life here by producing local jobs, improving air quality and reuniting communities separated by the Hollywood Freeway.”  The Hollywood Central Park would cap the area of the 101 between Bronson Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard, providing a safe place to play for the 40,000 children who live within a mile of the proposed park.  It would also create a new, iconic hub for Los Angeles residents, with easy access to Metro transit and all the health benefits that come with increased outdoor space.


Here’s a graphic visualization of what’s being proposed:

The Hollywood Central Park is actually one of four cap park projects currently under consideration in Los Angeles, though it is the furthest along and has received support and accolades from Caltrans, Metro, the American Planning Association, and the American Society of Landscape Architects, which bestowed the proposal its “Quality of Life” Award.“Building a Hollywood Central Park over the 101 Freeway is truly visionary and would provide sorely needed open space in one of Los Angeles’s densest neighborhoods,” says 13thDistrict City Councilman Eric Garcetti, who represents the area.It also would generate substantial private investment and an estimated 45,000 jobs for local residents.  Beyond that, Hollywood would become a worldwide model for cities looking to create new green space in dense urban environments.

You can keep up with Hollywood Central Park proposal’s progress here.