Art, design, and innovation



Throughout the company’s twenty-year history, Millennium Partners has consistently shown a profound commitment to the visual arts. Millennium has filled its projects in New York City, San Francisco, Miami, Washington DC, and Boston with beautiful work that is both accessible and inspiring. The company believes that creating art programs in its development projects is a great way to connect with the community. Millennium imbues public spaces with the work of artists who are relevant to both the city and the physical space.

Millennium’s founding partner Philip Aarons is incredibly passionate about art. In the Millennium Hollywood offices in the historic Taft Building, Aarons has hung numerous Hollywood inspired works on the walls. These pieces include a collage of old Capitol Records 45 sleeves by artist Tom Burr and Philip-Lorca diCorcia’s haunting image of a street hustler outside the Capitol Records Building in the 1990’s.

As Aarons has said, “Art is a natural outcome for us. It is a great way for our company to connect with local artists and the local community, while creating a unique visual environment within our projects.” At the Four Seasons Hotel and Tower in Miami, Florida, Millennium spent over $3 million on commissions and acquisitions to create a comprehensive art program. With the help of curators Bonnie Clearwater and Edsel Williams, Millennium worked with local artists like Bhakti Baxter, Tao Rey, Daniel Arsham Brandon Opalko, and Emilio Perez. Many of the artists threw themselves into the project, creating work that referenced different architectural features in the hotel. Today, many locals and tourists come to the hotel to view the work.

In 2003, Millennium partnered with cutting edge public art organization Creative Time to create Art on the Plaza, a rotating sculptural installation next to the Ritz-Carlton Battery Park City, a Millennium development. The installation has featured artists like Ugo Rondinone, Gary Hume, Jim Hodges, and others. It has served as an enduring testament to the rebirth of art in Lower Manhattan after September 11th.

In 2010, Millennium Partners created an audio podcast highlighting the collection at the Four Seasons San Francisco. The audio walking tour around the hotel featured 20 interviews with local artists, curators, and gallery owners about the different works and their place within the Millennium Partners art collection. At the Millennium Tower SF, in San Francisco, the company has further enhanced its commitment to the arts with a comprehensive public art program, featuring work like Yoram Wolberger’s CA Mission.

Millennium continues to look for innovative ways to fill the company’s development projects with beautiful and interesting works of art. The collection continues to grow, challenging visitors to rethink public spaces, and daring local artists to think big. With its leading museums, galleries, and arts institutions, Los Angeles is a veritable hot bed of artistic creativity. For Millennium Hollywood, the company is looking forward to working with a vibrant and dynamic community of local Los Angeles artists and curators to create a program that reflects the richness of Hollywood.