Tatsu Ramen: Order Bowls of Deliciousness on an iPad



Guest post from e*star LA
e*star LA writes a weekly post for Millennium Hollywood on food and drink in Hollywood.
When it comes to ramen, DIY is out of the question since you certainly want to leave it up to the ramen master, but at Tatsu Ramen – including at their newest location on Melrose at La Brea – this is as do-it-yourself as it gets. The best part is that it’s bound to be delicious every time.
That’s because you get to order your bowl of ramen right on an iPad and customize it exactly to your liking. You get to choose the kind of broth you want, the spice level, the thickness of the noodles, all the fixins you want to add to your bowl (it comes with one egg to start with), and all the sides you want to enjoy with your bowl of noodles. Choose from pork buns to many selections of rice. Of course, you might be hungry, but don’t underestimate the richness of your bowl of ramen and go crazy on the sides.
After ordering, you either pay with a card right at the iPad, or sit down and pay with cash once you’re done should that be your preference. And then wait for your bowl to be brought to you, while keeping an eye on your number and an open ear for it to be called out. Tatsu’s high top tables have not only chopsticks and spoons with which to enjoy your food, but additional condiments, most notably fresh cloves of peeled garlic and a garlic press to get your bowl of ramen to just the right amount of garlicky goodness.
Warning: If you’re not treating others to your garlic breath after your meal, you’ll definitely feel like a nap afterwards, so plan accordingly.
Sun – Sat: 11a-11p
1-hr free parking at rear
Tatsu Ramen
7111 Melrose Ave